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BluePrint - Small Business

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Within ProMaintX Small Business, a business unit within ProMaintX, we support small and mid-size companies with new Graphical Profile, New Website, PowerPoint Templates, Logos, Contract Templates and more. We can also offer support with consulting services within Accounting and Human Resources. 


We are inspired by entrepreneurship and it is a significant part of our company culture and our core values. We have therefore, since we founded ProMaintX, decided to reduce our pricing on several services with more than 50% for start-up's and scale up's. We also offer fixed price solutions and easy subscription models to simplify cost control for small business.

Marketing services incorporate all the features you need for a fully customizable website built for your needs. We create a new graphical profile and logo, templates for PowerPoint, WhitePaper, linked in videos and more. All you need as a start- and/or scale-up. 

The new or updated graphical profile can be used for all prints, ads and content for digital marketing. 

To manage your accounting we have Accounting services and as all companies from time to time need we also offering senior Human Resources services on demand. 

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