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ERP & Digital Transformation

We focus on addressing your key business needs, optimizing processes and helping you to transform your digitalization journey to lasting value. Leveraging years of experience and cross-industry expertise in ERP and CRM we offer wide range of  services across several domains such as evaluation, change management, project management and consulting services.

ERP Selection Consulting

ERP selections require alignment of business need, people and processes.  We ensure that your organization is selecting the digital solutions within ERP that integrate into your culture and support your strategic vision. 
Our ERP selection consultants help you gather requirements and select the technology that will enable a lasting value. 

  • Analyze your business and identify gaps in current business processes

  • Mapping out the to-be business processes

  • Conduct system analysis

  • Plan out the ERP software selection process

  • Negotiate contracts with ERP vendors


Project Management

ERP project management is one of the most common causes of ERP project failure. 

We take overall responsibility for the delivery of your ERP project and providing resources to manage the implementation.

  • Allocate and manage ERP project resources

  • Set up effective collaboration between project stakeholders

  • Support in validation activities

  • Project control and contingency plans


Governance Support & Configuration of
IFS and Hubspot

Get total value from your ERP/CRM system with reliable on-demand support. We have extensive experience from IFS and Hubspot. 

  • Support and configuration of your system to optimize processes according to your business needs. We offer both on demand and fixed price Governance Support and Configuration Services. 

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